Update! :)

Halo semua!

Terima kasih sudah sempat baca dan mengunjungi blog ini. Semoga Anda sehat selalu ya.

Aku jadi inget awal-awal aku memutuskan untuk review makanan. Sebenernya sih cuma alesan aja biar sering jajan enak. wqwq.

Anyway!!! I think it’s been years since the last time I post stuff here. Life’s been pretty great, there are rainbow and sunshines but sometimes I found myself drenched in rainwater šŸ™‚

Kadang aku ingin banget ngeupdate dan bikin blog lagi soal makanan. Tapi aku sadar itu bukan passionku (I don’t like using this word, but…). Soalnya aku cuma pengen makan enaknya doang hahahahh.

I’ve worked in a few places and I found myself “swimming” in this field. I started from the very bottom but I’m practicing to be a leader at work and that is something for me.

As a leader, we’re expected to cover and develop your subordinates. That is correct that you have MORE power, but as the Stan Lee says, “with great power, comes great responsibility”, it is your obligation to help and take care of more people under your wing.

That is not something I learned back then when the only problem that I had just to pick a cafe and made a blog post about it. I realized that I have a lot more to learn. Finding yourself growing and progressing is one of the greatest joy this life could offer. Do you agree with me? šŸ™‚

It took me time, money, and effort to get here. I know it’s not going to be any easier but I do hope I can be strong enough to do things I like and get the things I want. Just like how we acquire new skills, they will not come instantly.

I’m happy I can be here where I can grow but also have people to support me. They trust me enough to do things I never did before and they assure me that when I struggle or fail, they’ll be there for me. Sincerity is not something we often get these days so I really appreciate them.

Enough about me blabbering stuff in English lol.

I hope it’s nice where you are šŸ™‚


August, 17 2021.

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